PRIMA (Pedagogical Repository of Italian Media Activities) began as a collection of worksheets used in Italian language classrooms at the University of Pennsylvania. Our objectives were to gather Italian media realia and create multi-modal, inclusive, and accessible content that promoted diverse voices. . We wanted to move beyond the limits of our textbooks and share these materials across classrooms and across institutions so that all Italian language instructors and learners would have access to resources that better reflect universal design and equitable approaches to Italian studies.

In February 2020, thanks to a grant from the Penn Language Center, we were able to get the project off the ground. Since then, thanks to the initial support of Penn Libraries, we began a collaboration with the Price Lab and the Center for Research, Data, and Digital Scholarship. With their help and resources, they have transformed PRIMA into an Open Education Resource, prioritizing accessibility, equity, and inclusion. As we continue to contribute new content to this repository, we also invite other Italian instructors to join us by submitting their own content to be shared on the platform.

About Us

Julia Heim is the ideator, primary grant writer, co-content creator, and diversity manager of PRIMA.

Samantha Gillen is the primary content creator, content manager, accessibility technician, and general PRIMA workhorse.

Rossella Di Rosa is a content creator and the primary linguistic overseer of PRIMA.

Project Team

Cosette Bruhns Alonso is the project manager and editorial lead, and translation contributor.

Andy Janco is the back-end developer.

Cassandra Hradil is the designer and front-end developer.

We could not do this without the support of:

Kara Gaulrapp

Stewart Varner

Christine Weller

And grants and/or support from:

The Penn Language Center

The Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship

The Price Lab

SACHS Program for Arts Innovation